Matthew Rosewarne

Over the last months, I have been asking people in KDE irc channels and in Debian KDE channels wether they have heard from Matthew Rosewarne, on irc known as Mukidohime. No one had.

Very recently, I uploaded one of his packages with the following changelog entry:

* Switch Maintainer field to krap team and remove Matthew, he seems absent.
We hope he comes back.

Apparantly he was absent. Permanently. Elizabeth Krumbach writes some nice words in his memory.

I remember Matthew for his work on several KDE related packages in Debian, always doing a job that was better than I expected. And I especially remember him at Akademy 2008 where he to much joy brought a black horse whip for the chairman of a talkroom. And he even brouht a spare pink horse whip for when the black one broke. Especially Adriaan had a good use of that.

And at last, I will bring a image of Matthew showing off his equipment to Aaron Seigo.

Matthew Rosewarne

Matthew Rosewarne

Condolences to his family. Matthew will be missed.

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