Extremadamadura day 2

So – this is Extremadura day 2

Bedroom: Cold, but works. I think I saw penguins there last night

Wireless: still crap

Breakfast: awful

Other food: Better

Dining schedule: still on crack

Last night: Very good – lots of small kinds of food and free drinks

In general satisfied, except the network.

3 comments on “Extremadamadura day 2
  1. kde and debian user says:

    I do not know a better place to post that so sorry but it is off topic.
    Does a member of Qt/KDE Debian team take a llok at the autobuilder of kde4 for i386 ?
    You would be my hero.

    Thanks in advance and many thanks for packaging KDE in Debian. I am in love with that (including the support for powerpc).

  2. Trigger says:

    @kde and debian user: The autobuilder is quite fine. Everything but kdebase-runtime is built and it fails because of libxine. See http://experimental.ftbfs.de/fetch.php?&pkg=kdebase-runtime&ver=4%3A3.97.0-1&arch=i386&stamp=1197552933&file=log&as=raw

  3. kde and debian user says:

    And what, the header is missing. I know this and it is the reason why I ask for a debian devel to look at that. It seems for me strange that the libxine-dev is missing while the library is found but I have to admit that I am not a specialist.
    Anyway, if somebody has the solution I will thank him a lot.

    Best regards

    PS : sorry if I made english faults

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