Transport data easily to mobile phones

I guess we all have the challenge of how to easily get a link or a phone number or some other strings of data from the computer to the mobile phone.

With the help of mobile barcodes and klipper, this is now possible in KDE Trunk to do easily. Place some data in clipboard, click on klipper and select Show barcode.

show barcode option in klipper menu

Mobile barcode in klipper

To read it, open the barcode app in your phone (mBarcode on n900 for example) and point it to your monitor.

18 comments on “Transport data easily to mobile phones
  1. That’s just awesome man! Klipper is one of the reasons i <3 KDE!

  2. gaboo says:

    Does not work with barcode scanner on android. Do you know of any android application that work with this ?

    Or else could you implment QR Code too ?

    Thank you, this is a very good idea :D

  3. Hendrik says:

    For mobile phones without camera or without programs to interpret barcodes, adding support for sending a simple vNote file via Obex Push Protocol would be nice. BlueDevil just appeared on the screen…

  4. gaboo says:

    Ah, there is an application, it’s just not the most popular one : ScanLife.

  5. BaSh says:

    damn…I want this feature NOW on 4.5!!! :)

  6. Volker Lanz says:

    Very nice, very nice. Works great with my e90. Pity it’s not going to be in 4.5.

  7. kriko says:

    Yes, awsome!
    Also other sharing options like:
    share -> barcode, bluetooth, mail, IM (telepathy is there for?)

    etc :)

  8. drdanz says:

    This is a great idea! Thanks!

  9. Inge Wallin says:

    Haha, you read Questionable Content! Awesome comic.

  10. Divan Santana says:

    Awesome feature!

    Anyone else having a really annoying bug with klipper on 4.5rc3…

    klipper => configure > shortcuts

    The shortcut option, control+alt+v = show clipper popup menu is gone!

    Sucks quite a bit. Besides that my clipper rendering is terrible again with 4.5 which makes it unusable. I think thats a driver/Qt bug perhaps. Joys of living on the bleeding edge :)

  11. I am really impressed! This is a fantastic idea. is it already available in SVN?

  12. Framp says:

    Great idea! I think that QR codes are a little more used btw ;)

  13. Kai Hendry says:

    I think it’s still better and more transparent to work with URLs. I’ve heard rumours that ads in Japans are now using URLs instead of QR codes.

    For long URLs use:

  14. While an interesting idea, I can’t help but think that it’s a bit overkill.

    Whatever is wrong with sending vCards over bluetooth? many, many, (*many*) phones implement that. Much more so than there are phones that have cameras with which you can scan a barcode…

    oh well.

  15. riessmi says:

    @gaboo: the recent “Barcode Scanner” works with barcode graphics above, just tried it

  16. BajK says:

    This has been removed in KDE 4.7? :( At least I don’t see that option on my machine running trunk anymore

  17. lefty.crupps says:

    But once I see the Barcode, how do I use it?? I cannot copy it, right-click it, nothing…

  18. sune says:

    BajK: it has gotten new requirements. The components has been refactored out in a separate library, libprison.

    lefty: in 4.7, it can be dragged and dropped if oxygen isn’t preventing it.

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