Kontact / PIM sprinting

So, a couple of days ago, I came home tired after a intense weekend of learning Akonadi and hacking on KDEPIM.

At each meal, we attended 12 people, but it wasn’t the same people every time. And a couple of people participated remotely.

Several people, including me, got their feet wet in kdepim & akonadi code. Talks about the future with Qt 6 and Qt 7 and Akonadi 3 were also held in the corners.

Hopefully, others will tell more closely about what they did, including fixing kmail memory usage to not grow until all headers of all emails was in memory and improving the address completion job to help filling in to/cc/bcc fields.

Personally, I started off several times with the same issue. Not doing several synchronous calls from KMail to Akonadi during message writing and sending. On my way, I cleaned up some code and started over a couple of times. And the code is still a work in progress on my laptop. But the most important synchronous call is in that WIP patch now actually asynchronous \o/. There is still work to do on that area though and I hope to get around polishing it and finishing it this month somehow. I currently have function names like ‘second_half_of_generateCryptoMessages‘ and ‘this_function_should_be_renamed‘.

And next up will Andras Mantia hopefully blog about his accomplishments. And poke some other person for a blog post.

Oh. and if you like developers taking a weekend or so out of their busy schedule to meet up for hacking, please consider supporting KDE by Joining the game

6 comments on “Kontact / PIM sprinting
  1. Libor says:

    Hi, thanks for working on kdepim, i think, it’s one of most important parts of KDE – when using KDE on work computer.

    btw, is there anyone working on EWS backend for akonadi? Is it difficult to start programming akonadi backend for person without c++ skills?

  2. Kevin says:

    @Libor: what is EWS?
    As for programming difficulty: I am afraid that currently one needs C++ skills to develop an Akonadi backend.

  3. markg85 says:

    Hi Sune,

    That’s nice to read! I hope it makes it in time for KDE 4,10 :)
    Btw hint: http://kdeblog.mageprojects.com/2012/10/17/the-kde-pim-meeting-just-awesome/

    LONG blog!


  4. Libor says:

    It’s “exchange web services” – SOAP communication with exchange – if i understand it right, it’s preffered way to talk to exchange since version 2007
    evolution has evolution-ews package in debian and it works nicely, i think

    As for c++ – I understand, I’m bash/php/perl guy ;) (some C programming done on university almost 10 years ago…)

  5. Kevin says:

    @Libor: ah, I see.

    There was a short thread about Exchange support on the mailing list just a couple of days ago http://lists.kde.org/?t=135028917700002&r=1&w=2

    Currently on hold due to lack of resources. Not using EWS though as far as I understand but Exchange’s native transport

  6. Nathan says:

    Hi, thanks for working on kdepim, i think, it’s one of most important parts of KDE – when using KDE on work computer.