Eee for Meee

Thursday, my new laptop arrived. A asus Eee-PC – black edition. After a quick look at the provided software it was time to replace it with something better. Like debian with kde4.
Thanks to the Debian Eee-pc people, getting debian on the machine was quite easy. And then time to install kde4. Fetching it from experimental – and here we go.

My notes so far:

  • Those keys are small. Takes time to get used to it
  • KDE configuration widgets are often too big for a 800×480 monitor
  • Those keys are still small
  • djvulibre-desktop should not recommend evince when recommends are installed by default
  • Everything seems to link against gtk these days
  • KDE programs can hide its menu bar giving more room for the application

… and I miss the key between z and left shift.

12 comments on “Eee for Meee
  1. non7top says:

    I also tried installing kde4 on eeepc, but with no luck unfortunately. Widgets are extremle big, almost all apps cannot be fit into so small resolution. And of course plasma and panel behave extremly buggy fro some unknown reason. So I switched back to xfce4, but still testing fresh snapshots from time to time to see if plasma is fixed

  2. Anonymous says:

    What key between left shift and z?

  3. Søren Straarup says:

    Not to start a flamewar about WM.

    My personal experince with gnome, kde and windowmaker is that the two first pulls teeth for all the “services” that is being run.

    Windowmaker on the other hand is somewhat simple, but has the basic alt+tab.

    Btw i’m a happy windowmaker user for almost a decade now (8

  4. annma says:

    Please report any problems! I suspect System Settings is not easy to use (the Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout tab for example). Going through all tabs of System Settings and looking at layouts, how they are easy to use, how they fit the screen would be a good start. Then configuration dialogs in Konqueror, Konsole, … Make a list of things that are broken! Thanks in advance!

  5. pdx says:

    I also would like to know about this mysterious key between Z and Left Shift?

  6. Tom says:

    I think Asus should have given the 100 top KDE commiters a free 300$ eeePC. Probably the best way to get it working properly .. and really cheap for them.

  7. sune says:

    pdx && anonymous: On continental european keyboards, there is a key with usually >< on between z and left shift.

  8. I was under the impression the German version of EeePC has that key. Was I wrong? I kind of need it in order for my dvorak to have ä and ö (I’m Finnish).

  9. Carlos A. says:

    Sometimes, the best thing about life is waiting:

    Certainly, too bad that, that disadvantage (resolution) wasn’t taken in consideration on the first release.
    Don’t expect to run like a ferrari if you have a volkswagen ;)

    Good luck with the new toy.

  10. Carlos A. says:

    Got these one today, also a blog, but has some interesting news.
    May be someone should read more news =P~
    Take care, and good luck.

  11. I kind of love the Asus Eee PC because it is very small and very light. I have an Acer Laptop and it is really a big burden on my small shoulders ‘

  12. Another good thing about the Asus Eee pc is that it does not overheat when used over long periods of time. ~