Missing phone backup plan

My mobile phone recently stopped working, I handed it in for repair under warrenty. They fixed it, and flashed it with new firmware, removing all my settings and most importantly, my phone book.

So, dear all of you, please send me a text message with your name if you think you should be in my phone book.

And if anyone has any good backup strategies for phonebook and such of a nokia E71 for linux users, please use the comment field, preferably some thing nice clickyclicky thing that uses Qt4 or kdelibs of KDE 4

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  1. Phil says:

    You can use a couple of things:

    ovi.com and sync over wifi or hsdpa

    or you can try mobical.net which is nice, and also backs up contacts and text messages.

    You could try opensync, last time I used it was about a year ago, with limited success. I think this has a kde frontend.

    Hope that helps,


  2. Fuffo says:

    Nokia PC Suite on Windows XP on VirtualBox


  3. Anonymous says:

    http://www.scheduleworld.com or just use bluetooth

  4. Mart Roosmaa says:

    The easiest way is to sync your phonebook with your computer (OpenSync) or with some 3rd party service (ie Google).

    OpenSync isn’t nice point and click, and I had a tendency to forget to run the sync, so it might not be what you are looking for.

    However, setting up an automatic sync with some online SyncML service can be a no brainer and your phone handles the sync process all by itself, so no pointing and clicking (or typing commands into the shell).

  5. georgz says:

    Several possibilities:

    * Use a (minimalistic) Windows XP VM and use Nokia PC Suite there for backups, firmware upgrades, app/themes installation etc. Sounds complicated but once you have this it works fine

    * Use opensync to sync your contacts, calendar, notes etc

    * Use online tool like zyb.com to sync your contacts

    Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be the ultimate, Linux-based solution for all topic around your mobile (like e.g. Nokia’s PC Suite provides).

  6. Doug Warner says:

    I was using Google Sync to sync my contacts to gmail (just uses syncml), and then a thunderbird plugin (gcontactsync) to sync my thunderbird contacts. I don’t like putting my data on Google, but using them as a sync server is farily easy.

  7. Peter Eisentraut says:

    I faced a very similar problem recently: backup a Nokia E71 phonebook under Linux, preferrably KDE-based solution. My conclusion was: It’s not easy. I suggest you use an online service such as MyNokia or scheduleworld.com. Using the latter, you can also import the data into the KDE addressbook in some backward way.

    Doing it locally would, according to my estimate, require you to set up a Funambol server plus surrounding software (which many of those online services use as well), which would probably be overkill for a single user.

  8. niq says:

    Speaking as a fellow linux user with an E71 …

    If you get any useful replies, please blog them where they’ll appear on planet so I see them!

  9. Lure says:

    Not sure if it is acceptable to you, but I use Contacts sync to my Google Mail account.

  10. I am using my Nokia E71 syncing up to my Horde installation.
    The E71 supports syncML so you can set it up to sync to pretty much any iSync device – even over the Internet.

    My configuration is based on Horde, but you can use other solutions as well. I am syncing not only my address book (With email addresses and all) but my calendar as well.

    Configure some kind of SyncML on a Linux host, set up the nokia Sync found under Tools to point to that server, add proper credentials and remember to sync regularly.

    If you need more details, dont hesitate to contact me.

  11. Gordon Mckeown says:

    For the phonebook, I find that SyncML directly back to Google Contacts works really well (though I don’t have an E71 specifically). Also allows me to keep contacts synchronised between multiple phones.

  12. Divan Santana says:


    I’d be interested if you found anything as I use KDE and a nokia e71! :)

    Digg the phone…

    I’ve used kmobiletools which was able to send sms’s via the phone but not able to read them or backup anything…

    I’ve got all my contacts from kontact by doing the following(one way sync):
    export all contacts from kontact to evolution.
    sync my evolution with our MS Exchange server.
    sync my nokia e71 with exchange.

    If you blessed not to be using exchange then I suggest looking into kolab…

    I’ve setup a kolab server and soon will be syncing my nokia e71 with kontact via kolab 2.2.1 and syncml which is supported in kolab and on the nokia.

    That would be the ultimate solution for me and should work as it would allow calendar,contacts etc sharing.

  13. Jeppe says:

    You could look at the ZYB synchronization service (http://zyb.com) for backing up your phone book and calendar events.. :)

  14. Riku Voipio says:

    Ovi provides “traditional” online calender/addressbook sync.


    Synble is includes other cool features:


    Both go clikety clikety from your kde4 konqueror :)

    Disclaimer(s): Both services of course require a data plan, or they will cost you money, and I am indirectly affiliated with both sites :P

  15. GortiZ says:

    Good time to start thinking ’bout KDE PIM and kitchensync XD
    (I was searching for it ‘cuz I’ve an Activesync phone.. I don’t know if it works also with nokia phones…)

  16. pier says:

    When you’ve found a solution please post it to the planet!!! :-)

    With my nokia I’ve used google contacts ( http://www.google.com/mobile/nokia_smart/ ), it worked well but i’d have preferred a “local” solution between kontact and the phone.

  17. Ionut says:

    To be honest, I don’t like to keep my contacts online with all the details, so in my case, I have E71, a windows virtual machine and Nokia PC Suite is the answer. You can also install Outlook and syncronize different phones. And that virtual machine can be use also for firmware update.

    The other option is to install Horde on your VPS, if you have one

    If you want online services, I would trust google sync or mynokia

  18. Jyrki says:

    Syncing aside, the quick & dirty way is to backup your phone’s memory to internal memory card and then copy the backup file created by the phone on your computer.

    A bit manual approach, but at least you have some sort of backup lying around next time your phone decides to break :)

  19. Strahler says:

    Hi there,
    I just read this blog in my feed reader.
    Have you tried wammu?

    I don’t have a nokia, only a sony ericcson k810i, but it works perfectly. You should give it a try! You can safe / backup all your contacts on you local disk.


  20. John says:

    Just put in a memory card and have the phone backup its internal memory to the card once in a while. After the phone was flashed, you can quickly restore all your settings including phonebook and everything else from the memory card.

  21. Peter De Schrijver says:

    If you only need a backup because the phone needs repair, you can use tools -> memory -> options -> backup to make a backup of the phone memory to the microSD card. I think it can only be restored on the same model phone though. So if you want to transfer the data to a different type of phone, use one of the other approached suggested here.

  22. FameWolf says:

    Take a look at http://dashwire.com. It’s free and I use it to back up my contacts etc for my phone (not same phone as you)

  23. Josef Assad says:

    Funambol works beautifully using syncml. It effectively replaces services such as scheduleworld and all that baloney, and you don’t need to muck about with flaky bluetooth connections; just use the phone’s wifi.

  24. cb400f says:

    I simply export my phonebook to the PC via (k)bluetooth for backup purposes. I have an ancient Sony Ericsson T610 but I would assume any current phone has this possibility.

    Or at least I used to do that, kbluetooth crashes for me during the operation in kde4. I should get around to filing a report and providing a backtrace…

  25. blauzahl says:

    kmobiletools? I’m not sure if it would have your phone, though.

  26. Peter Eisentraut says:

    A general note to all the friendly responders here: All phones are different. Really. Even if they are from the same manufacturer or claim to have a common platform or support standard protocols. If you don’t have exactly a Nokia E71 or perhaps an E66, then your advice is of very limited use to the problem at hand. In particular, wammu, gammu, gnokii, kandy, kmobiletools and all the rest don’t work with this phone. And of course kdebluetooth doesn’t really work under KDE 4 (if it ever did before :-/).

    Some people mentioned that opensync works, so I assume you do the bluetooth setup using the barebones tools.

    I’d personally like to get Funambol into Debian.

  27. Josef Assad says:


    I’m no expert on SyncML implementations, but I would be surprised if the vast majority of Symbian handsets had trouble with funambol. And that’s just Symbian; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SyncML#SyncML_client_connectors_and_plugins

    I think the reason funambol just works is: a) broadly adopted synchronisation protocol, and b) sidesteps the plethora of phone connection methods (bluetooth with flaky hardware and software, cables, irda, etc) and just uses something really standard: wifi and regular old TCP.

    And yes, I’d also love to see it in debian.