Good stuff comes …

KDE4 is now finally fully in Debian unstable, including the fabulous settings migration tool known as Kaboom.
(At least for amd64 and i386 – the rest follows when the autobuilders catches up, S390 is taking the lead)


3 comments on “Good stuff comes …
  1. Velvet Elvis says:

    Looking Good.

    I’ve been following sid+experimental in VirtualBox for a while now and you guys have come quite a ways. I’ll likely upgrade my Lenny desktop to squeeze when the KDE4 packages migrate.

    Any chance of getting Semantik packaged? It’s the KDE4 version of kidissert.

  2. Sunster says:

    Hey Pusling!!

    Not sure, but think I attended a class in IS-Security once at CBS with you??

    If so Hello and hope you are well!! If not?Still the same!!

  3. Yes I have been waiting a long time too for KDE 4.x to be available in Debian. I have used Debian unstable for quite a few years back, and I must say that that it has been for a good reason that KDE 4.0 and 4.1 didn’t get into Debian unstable. Now KDE 4.2 is there. I have been a KDE user since the early KDE 2.x days and I must admit that I am fully disappointed. The step from KDe 2 to KDE 3 was great. I provided sppedups on slow machines. The underlying architecture changes really improved things. This isn’t true for KDE 4.2. The user experience SUCKS. It’s a hole lot slower, and from a user perspective – for no good reason. I have has quite a few crashed with it the last days. You shouldn’t get this on a .2 release. It might be ok on an alpha og beta or even a .0 release, but not on a .2 release.
    It seems that KDE 4.2 provides as much bloat as Micorsoft Windows vista. I will wait for the next release, where it hopefully can run on small systems again. Just like Microsoft Windows 7 will be able to do. The small systems is where the growth is. In the mean time I will switch to Gnome. Unfortunately I will have to look for a new email client, as Kmail/Kontact is way too slow to start up under Gnome.