Debian KDE bugs

So. On Sunday, we worked through some of the bugs filed against KDE in Debian. Mostly, we cleaned up in old cruft, and a few bugs got forwarded.

A bunch of the Debian KDE people participated, and some KDE Bugsquad people also dropped by. And a special thanks goes to the apparant newcomer, Karl Ferdinand Ebert, for doing a fantastic work, and I also succeeded in getting Anne-Marie Mahfouf to take a look at the kdeedu reports.

We cleaned up in kdegraphics, kdeedu, kdeadmin and akregator reports, and did quite some work on the bug magnets of konqueror, kmail and kopete.

Total result was around 100 bugs down, and we discovered a few bugs that had hidden in between the others, that is actually packaging issues.
All in all a success, that definately should be repeated in a month or two.

3 comments on “Debian KDE bugs
  1. annma says:

    yeah, it was good, most left Edu bugs were KDEs and not Debian. And I scanned KTouch bug list to fix a few afterwards.
    I find it nice collaborating that way with distribution packagers and I’m looking forward to the next crush day, if I am available!
    Carry on your good work in Debian land :-)

  2. Anton Piatek says:

    When you do it again, make sure you post the date with plenty of notice. If I have time then I will try and help you out (I keep wanting to help out on Debian, but haven’t got time to maintain any packages at the moment so some sort of bugsquashing event would be perfect for me to contribute a bit back)

  3. Sooner or longer I really wanted to participate in Debian. Thanks for giving me this superb chance. I will keep on closing each day some bugs. :-)