Debian/KDE status

So. Finally, we got KDE 4 series in Debian/Testing, more accurate, KDE4.2.2.
Thanks to the rest of the Debian/KDE team for working on this, including sitting on their hands when wanting to fix bugs, and a special thanks to the Debian Release team for making this happen.

(PS.: and we beat gnome 2.26 in making it first to testing)

9 comments on “Debian/KDE status
  1. Andreas Marschke(xxtjaxx) says:

    Congrats to this . I’m specially happy about it as this means we are getting really rock solid stable as the KDE/Debian will find and kill bugs we never even heared before(Or at least fix bugs as they are able to).
    And don’t forget all the security gifts they will bring with them as their fixes approach at KDE’s repositories.

  2. tom says:

    good news. what does that mean for 4.2.3 – will it move to unstable now?

  3. Romain says:

    Congratulations to all the packaging team and many thanks for all your work.

  4. dataman says:

    Supreb…. many thanks, I can go back to testing now

  5. Marco says:

    Great, im sure that Debian theme will fix many bugs and will make Kde 4.x a solid environment and a solid rock system!!

  6. Corsac says:

    But Xfce 4.6 beats the two :)

  7. Karsten says:

    Very good! KDE4 needs more professionals to look at the code.

  8. The kings raven says:

    Nice, upgrading now.

    I’m glad Debian has waited until 4.2, I don’t know what distros were doing putting end users onto a .0 release without asking first.

  9. Marco says:

    Hope they merge 4.3.x when it’s released in testing, because 4.3 is more like a bug fix release (solidification) rather than new super loopy features.