kde4.3 rc2

Most of it now available in a debian/experimental near you.
Special thanks to George Kiagiadakis for doing much of the hard work. Also thanks to Martin Alfke.

I do now also claim that we have the best packaged and best working CLI bindings for Qt and KDE. Thanks to Mirco for polishing it.

KDE4.3 seems to have a bit more bling than kde 4.2, but there isn’t anything major I have noticed yet.

Some parts of kde4.3 is not yet packaged though, and might not happen until 4.3 final. Those vacation things you know.

Det er BLÅ SOMMER og vi ved her kommer alle med og dyrker et venskab der vil bestå

13 comments on “kde4.3 rc2
  1. Horst says:

    “KDE4.3 seems to have a bit more bling than kde 4.2, but there isn’t anything major I have noticed yet.”


  2. Man from Montreal says:

    Thank you Sir !
    I no longer have to use my Ubuntu Karmic partition to use KDE 4.3 RC2

    Thank you

  3. apt-drink says:

    Actually there’s no kdebase or kdebase-workspace packaged yet, is there?

  4. laason says:

    It seems that kdepim 4.2.96 is not existing in the experimental distribution.
    Is it something intended or not ?

    thanks in advance
    Thank you to the team for packaging kde in debian

  5. Poldark says:

    Wow, Thanks!!! I will have kde 4.3 in my debian early :D

  6. apt-drink says:

    Hey! Finally managed to install it (by removing some packages I’ll reinstall later).

    This works simply great! Air is beautiful! :)))

  7. sune says:

    laason: woops. I did prepare it and I did check it off my list, but actually it wasn’t uploaded.

    Kdeutils (ark and okteta and ..) and kdenetwork (kopete) is some of the not done modules, along some of the minor ones like accessibility, toys and artwork.

  8. zulu9 says:

    Is it possible and “safe” to mix the 4.3 ones with 4.2 from unstable?

  9. sune says:

    zulu9: as long as the dependencies, conflicts and breaks are satisfied, then it is expected to work.

  10. zulu9 says:

    thanks. I will wait for the mising packages (esp. kdepim) and give it a try then :)

  11. Minaya says:

    Thanks Sune, I’ve installed all available parts of this rc and it looks great ;). Thanks everyone who helped building and upload these packages.

  12. Robert Wohlrab says:

    Is it planned to upload kdepim and kdeartwork to experimental?

  13. Moritz Moeller-Herrmann says:

    Thank you, much appreciated. I am testing and filing bugs (upstream) already…