Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers bugs

A while ago, something happened to the bugs reported against KDE in debian. It is best illustrated like this:

eckhart slope

I’ve chosen to name it Eckhart slope. Thanks.

For full graphs, see

6 comments on “Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers bugs
  1. Astreek says:

    Good to see that! but I don’t understand why did that happen?

  2. jreznik says:

    In Fedora we have Abrt rise ;-)

  3. KarlNapf says:

    Let’s just hope this is due to bugs getting fixed, not due to people moving away from KDE and thus no longer reporting issues in the first place:-/

    How does that graph look in KDE’s own bugtracker?

  4. Paul says:

    What is that something that happened?

    Why the name?

    I assume the reason and the name are related?

  5. Ken Bloom says:

    Looks like triage work thanks to Eckhart W├Ârner — that means hundreds of miscellaneous crashes reported against KDE 3.x are presumed fixed in KDE 4.x.

  6. Debianero Rumbero says:

    Thanks Eckhart, $deity bless you!

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