The Debian-KDE specific things ?

So. I was wondering, which nice distro specific tools do exist in debian/gnome or in $other/kde that debian/kde is missing?

We have kalternatives for managing alternatives, we have a update notifier frontend in progress and after google summer of code, hopefully a package management frontend, aptitude-qt. (Made by Piotr).

But what other distribution specific tools are we missing for Debian-KDE ?

8 comments on “The Debian-KDE specific things ?
  1. I promise that I will do all my best to finish my Project in time :)

  2. David says:

    * A KDE/Qt based Debian installer

  3. anthony says:

    yes a qt debian installer;..

  4. Leszek says:

    I think whats missing is not only a aptitude-qt (hopefully not a clone of the aptitude-gtk or synaptic, as they look horrible from a usability point of view)
    but a software manager that is as easy to use as the ubuntu software center tool. I am not thinking about a clone. I am thinking of a kio-slave that might be integrated into dolphin or konqueror and that allows it with an easy to use html site or simply a folder to choose the applications you want to install. It can be integrated into nepomuk to allow easy and quick finding of your favorite application. Queueing apps for install is also very important.
    Here are two screenshots showing my basic idea (They now use simple desktop files with a link to aptlinex which takes care of the install)

    Here are the screenshots:

  5. Thomas Zander says:

    The biggest missing part is the system installer tool to have a one-click install for the propriatairy NVidia driver and other such hardware-drivers that are essential to work on todays hardware.

  6. dutchfish says:

    Because debian has specific things which aren’t always the same in other distributions i like everyone to think about:

    kfirmware (a KDE package to manage firmware installation)
    kmodulebuilder (a frontend to m-i)
    kfirewall (a easy frontend for new users)
    kmultiscreen (a frontend to setup a multiscreen environment)
    kbugreport (a easy frontend to report bugs not only for KDE but Debian)

    Notes: these recommendations are based on my own experience while installing KDE for other users that are not so comfortable with a Debian system and would brake the barrier to start with Debian or Linux in general.


  7. KDE Debconf interface, similar to libqt-perl. I remember it was dropped.

    Did we get a replacement ?

  8. ScottK says:

    In this last development cycle in Kubuntu we extended Dr. Konqi to help users figure out what -dbg packages they need to install to get a good backtrace. It’s not a separate distro specific tool, but it’s a distro specific extension that I think would be useful for Debian’s users as well.