Desktopsummit, jobs, prison and such

It’s been a while since I last blogged, and some things has happened.

I’m out looking for a job. Preferably KDE/Qt or Debian related. Or at least opensource related. Feel free to contact me if you know of anything. sune AT vuorela DOT dk

Desktop Summit

I’ve been at Desktop Summit, awesome as usual to see all these great people, except monday morning. I think intel is partly to blame here :-).

  • I got to a set of exciting talks, including one about a toaster.
  • I got to meet some nice people, both old and new
  • I hacked a bit on libprison
  • I walked along the Berlin Wall, sat and enjoyed Brandenburger Tor and other parts of Berlin
  • Learned to feel ‘home’ in Berlin public transportation

Prison and such
The upcoming release of Prison will at least have a couple of new features, beside a couple of bugfixes:

  • It is now possible to set the colors to be used for the barcodes. That’s going to be nice in some cases.
  • I have a patch in my mailbox adding EAN13-support from a brand new contributor. It just needs a bit of polishing and then ready to go

I’ve also started to enjoy -Werror=unused-but-set-variable in GCC and killed some of those in KDE land.


There is more to come later, hopefully things about the ExoPC I gotborrowed at Desktop Summit, which is now running Plasma Active & Contour.

Things about a new librison release, and maybe more places to use libprison.

Oh. And yes, I’m out looking for a job.