Daemon slaying

I’ve gotten a couple of complaints on the amount of daemons that is launched by default by any app built upon the KDE Frameworks, so I investigated one of them a bit.

The knotify daemon currently seems to do two things:

  1. Keeping some dependencies out of KDE Framework libraries
  2. Recieve messages from dbus, parse them, encode differently and send them on to other places over dbus

In the past, the knotify daemon was also responsible of showing popup-messages.

So, I did a quick experiment here in Switzerland to try kill off that daemon and merged the code from the daemon into the KNotification part of kdeui.

As a proof of concept it works, and if I can cut out some of the newly introduced dependencies it can end up being really nice. There is much less need for a separate daemon these days where knotify doesn’t actually paint the popups itself, but rather passes them on to a galago-spec implementing part of the workspace (on linux) or to growl for various non-free platforms.

3 comments on “Daemon slaying
  1. Luis says:

    Great. Does this mean that work is going to be done for the next KDE version regarding knotify? Bug 156215 is, at this point, the biggest cause for wakeups on my laptop. Anyway, great work. I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of this.

  2. christoph says:

    The (other) purpose of knotify4 is to be able to play sounds (and continue playing them if the requesting application exits).

  3. Kevin Kofler says:

    This will break things for those like me who still disable the Plasma notification system and still use the good old KNotify-painted ones. :-(