Five is a four letter word

and it starts with f…

While looking at the future of the KDE Platform Frameworks here in Randa, Switzerland, a lot of interesting things has been found in kdelibs and kdepimlibs

  • KSortableList
  • KTypeList
  • KAscii

that no one knew what was there for.

On the good side, there is also lots of cool stuff, that of course most people knows about and uses

  • A real nice job based api
  • Nice library for figuring out when there is holidays and special dates in different countries
  • IMAP library
  • Compression library
  • Hardware access library

And a lot of great larger solutions for solving different real life problems

  • Akonadi
  • KIO
  • KParts

And lots of other cool stuff

  • I really like the KDE plugin framework
  • KIO slaves are great
  • Kontact master is great
  • Aaron is wearing pink
  • Plasma Active seems cool
  • The chefs are making good food, even though sometimes lacking a bit of meat

And we have currently nice things in the ‘required runtime components for every app built using kdelibs’

  • Finger KIO slave
  • Floppy KIO slave
  • Weird cornercase user tools, some of them broken