Those small nice tools we all write

Many of us out there writes small tools to just solve a simple task that you need. Here, I will present a tool I needed last night.

I have a small job doing a wordpress site for some people, and I needed a image with the site title in a font matching some specific criteria (like a double story lowercase A and a small serif on lowercase L, while in general being a Sans Serif type).

So what I needed was a application that let me write a word or a phrase, and see it written with all available fonts on the system.

So, it took a little more than a effective hour and 120 lines of code to come up with this:

Click to see image

And if anyone cares, I have pushed the sources to

I’m sure many of you also have various such small apps. Let’s see them. That’s also you Eike and your svgtoy app :)

Another thing I learned from this app is that the ukij fonts targetted the Uyghyr language actually is very interesting also for western europeans.

2 comments on “Those small nice tools we all write
  1. Christian says:

    Small and useful application! Thank you :-)

  2. Fri13 says:

    Oh, this should be possible with every application what allows to choose a font. Is that program called fontpicker or what?

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