Announcing Rawatar – Qt5 libravatar client library

So. following up on my previous post about implementing a libravatar server, this will be an announcement of a quick Qt5 based client library for libravatar – so that everyone can put avatars everywhere!

Get it while it is hot on

There isn’t much screenshots to show off, given it is effectively just converting a string with an email into a URL for a image.

And thanks to Martin Sandsmark for coming up with such a great name. Now I expect him to show off what it can be used for. Another thanks goes to Andreas Hartmetz for going thru the code & api.

2 comments on “Announcing Rawatar – Qt5 libravatar client library
  1. Anonymous says:

    Now we just need a GTK+ implementation so we have both of the common toolkits published, so most common Linux desktop apps can easily use libravatar. Given the common convention of adding a “g” prefix, we could call it “gravatar”. :)

    More seriously, “glibravatar” actually works rather well as a name, since it’ll be based on glib.

  2. Regarding a GTK+ implementation, you may want to have a look at the pidgin plugin for it: