CMake skeleton for small Qt projects

For small Qt-projects, I have for a long time been using qmake, mostly because qmake -project gives me a working build in most cases, but once the project grows a bit, I have switched to cmake because there is just things there I like better.

So, I thought how to start with cmake instead, and ended up writing a small script. I guess I should share it:

I’ve saved it locally as cmake-qtproject – and it works with at least cmake 2.8.11.

I hope wordpress doesn’t make too much mess of it. Have fun.

4 comments on “CMake skeleton for small Qt projects
  1. Frederik says:

    Thanks, this is really a great idea and a missing feature of cmake – I have the same, using qmake -project is just so damn fast. Now I have no excuse left…

  2. mck182 says:

    There’s also – worked quite good last time I tried it :)

  3. Tim says:

    Mh, have you take a look at qbs? I like it much better than cmake. I was
    much faster in setting up a qbs project than a cmake project.

  4. Paul Dann says:

    You may also be interested in this qt-cmake template: