9.0 Zurg

I welcome Debian 9.0 Zurg!

Thanks to Phoronix and to Wikipedia editor at and for their high quality fact checking.

4 comments on “9.0 Zurg
  1. Mr Woolthing says:

    No, its absolutely true. I swear. My sources are absolutely trustworthy.

  2. markg85 says:


    It’s a bit rude of you to just post their ip’s. I’d recommend removing that from your post. It’s not like they hacked anyone or caused damage.

    All they caused is laughing at Phoronix.


  3. Nicolas says:

    IPs of anonymous Wikipedia editors are public in the page’s edit history. I don’t see how it’s rude to repost that public information here.

  4. Ian Monroe says:

    If they didn’t want their (likely dynamic) IP posted, they should’ve taken the fifteen seconds to register at Wikipedia. :)