Managing cooking recipes

I like to cook. And sometimes store my recipes. Over the years I have tried KRecipes, kept my recipes in BasKet notes, in KJots notes, in more or less random word processor documents.

I liked the free form entering recipes in various notes applications and word processor documents, but I lacked some kind of indexing them. What I wanted was free-ish text for writing recipes, and some thing that could help me find them by tags I give them. By Title. By how I organize them. And maybe by Ingredient if I don’t know how to get rid of the soon-to-be-bad in my refridgerator.

Given I’m a software developer, maybe I should try scratch my own itch. And I did in the last month and a half during some evenings. This is also where my latest Qt and modern C++ blog posts comes from

The central bit is basically a markdown viewer, and the file format is some semi structured markdown in one file per recipe. Structured in the file system however you like it.

There is a recipes index which simply is a file system view with pretty titles on top.

There is a way to insert tags into recipes.

I can find them by title.

And I can find recipes by ingredients.

Given it is plain text, it can easily be synced using Git or NextCloud or whatever solution you want for that.

You can give it a spin if you want. It lives here There is a blueprint for a windows installer here:

There is a markdown file describing the specifics of the file format. It is not declared 100% stable yet, but I need good reasons to break stuff.

My recipe collection is in my native language Danish, so I’m not sure sharing it for demo purposes makes too much sense.

8 comments on “Managing cooking recipes
  1. Dufa Wira says:

    Kudos for posting on cooking and ‘kookbook’ does look nice.

    Like you, I’ve tried lots of recipe management systems but my cooking process and my ‘fridge are too chaotic for a ‘system’.
    My solution is ‘plain text’ files in a ‘recipe’ folder, with file names that usually include the main ingredient and preparation method – ‘cucumber pickled.txt’, often with multiple recipes per file. Not pretty, but quite practical. Storing and modifying recipes is a breeze. Fire up KDE connect and today’s recipe is on my phone ready for the kitchen. A quick text search for “aubergine” gives me tens of options.

    Select, copy, cook. Sometimes the tools are already there.

    • Sune Vuorela says:

      Yeah. This is basically a slightly improved version of that.

  2. Alexander says:

    This looks great. It sounds like it has about the right amount of organization without losing the mostly free-form markdown test. I am just getting into KDE, but I will have to build this and give it a try!

    It even sounds like a good basis for a very basic, general notes app (without the ingredients parsing, obviously).

  3. victorhck says:

    bône apetite and happy hacking!! ;)

  4. ChiefPete says:

    Looks nice. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to try it, but I’m not good at compiling. Do you have a “recipe” to build your app?

    I’ve tried build$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/share ..

    But I get:
    Could not find a package configuration file provided by “ECM” with any of the following names:


  5. serafean says:


    Looks like a nifty project.

    Two questions:
    – Is KRecipes unsuitable/completely dead? (
    – Why a custom recipe format instead of a common one? (RecipeML — )

    • Sune Vuorela says:

      I feel like krecipes is closer to a sql tool than a recipe manager

      I didn’t feel like writing XML by hand. Markdown is much easier to write. Oh. and check the license for recipeml.