Kirigaming – Kolorfill

Last time, I was doing a recipe manager. This time I’ve been doing a game with javascript and QtQuick, and for the first time dipping my feet into the Kirigami framework.

I’ve named the game Kolorfill, because it is about filling colors. It looks like this:


The end goal is to make the board into one color in as few steps as possible. The way to do it is “Paint bucket”-tool from top left corner with various colors.

But enough talk. Let’s see some code:

And of course, there is some QML tests for the curious.
A major todo item is saving the high score and getting that to work. Patches welcome. Or pointer to what QML components that can help me with that.

4 comments on “Kirigaming – Kolorfill
  1. keithzg says:

    If you do literally just mean the high score (rather than high scores plural), QSettings should probably do the job. I’ve only used it via Python and C++ myself, but a quick glance at leave me thinking that the QML interface to it would work too.

  2. Simon says:

    I’ve been playing this for years on my phone:

    Is it based on that or on something else?

    • Sune Vuorela says:

      It looks like the same concept and a much more polished execution that my work.

  3. Simon says:

    There must be some common ancestor somewhere, don’t you think?
    I wonder what it is….