Skolelinux/Debian-edu gathering infiltrated by Gnash people

I spent this weekend at a Skolelinux/Debian-edu gathering in Oslo. 8.5 hours by bus each way.

I got to meet some of the people shipping a customized Debian for schools. As it was a gathering related to educational software, looking at the KDE4 kdeedu packages seemed most appropriate.

I’ve tested step packaging and hopefully it is going to end up on your local debian archive one day, along with some fixes to where kvtml files are packaged, much awaited by Annma and others.

Apparantly, in Brazil, they have their own debian based kde distribution and 130 GB of free as in public domain free educational movies. Some people discussed an application to view, tag and search the movies. I quickly thought of a mixup of nepomuk and phonon in a nice userinterface. So if anyone feels like implementing that, you are more than welcome.

The gathering was together with a Gnash hackathon, and apart from gnash getting more and more usable, the gnash people are also thinking about integration with the desktop environments. For KDE 4 they have plans of a KPart easy embeddable anywhere, including in KHTML. (Maybe another use of the KPartLoader dfaure wrote recently).

The gnash team are unfortunately quite short on KDE knowledge and they asked for help.

I’m probably not myself the right one to help here, but maybe some of you out there feel like helping. There is already a patch set around that some people claims works, but others haven’t figured out to make it work. Feel free to comment here and I will forward to the Gnash people – or just contact them directly on the maillist.

I left the gathering a bit early to get to a Troll picnic in a Oslo park and got stuffed with pølse and lompar. (sausages and pancake like bread)

I was by bus all night back home and then a shower and straight to work. After work, I slept for 14 hours or so.

One comment on “Skolelinux/Debian-edu gathering infiltrated by Gnash people
  1. Socceroos says:

    =O Busy schedule!

    I couldn’t survive that…..going straight to work from an 8.5 hour trip!

    I hope you enjoyed it! =)