This time of year again


Or in a bit longer words, today is my birthday and I got a nice present from Debian – a release sent from Samoa.

For all the KDE/Debian users, this is also the beginning of something special: Pushing KDE4 slowly to unstable and testing/squeeze.
If you are in the group of KDE-users-against-change, then please stay with the just released version of Debian, Debian Lenny, as this is where KDE3 desktop will be. From Debian unstable, it will dissapear soon.

7 comments on “This time of year again
  1. Happy birthday Sune!
    On further note: Hooray! I’ll finally be able to migrate back to unstable :)

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Vedran says:

    Consider delaying this transition. Curren kde4 is not only buggy and lack features but is also *very* slow on somewhat older (4-5yrs.) machines on which all other applications (gtk2, qt3 and even win) still work well. This will force me and others in similar situation to switch to some other DE. :-/

    Why don’t you conduct a poll at a see what the users want?

  4. sune says:

    @Vedran – please stay with lenny if you want kde3.

    It doesn’t matter what the users want if no developer want to support it.

    And I stopped caring about kde3 more than 6 months ago.

  5. Vedran says:

    @Sune: I never use stable on my desktop. Hopefully aptitude hold will work. Just don’t make some packages depend on kde4 if it really don’t require it.

  6. Diego says:

    @Vedran: KDE 4 works fine on the EeePC which has more or less (more likely less) power than a 5 years old PC. What’s not ready are the graphic drivers (my Athlon XP 1800+ with 512MB flies with vesa driver but is dramatically slow with radeon :| ). I hope they will be ready at the time Squeeze is released (I think so).

  7. Tiago says:

    I was expecting this… I’m going to stick with lenny, until KDE 4 hits testing. When it does, I’ll surely switch. I used KDE 4.2 and I liked it, but felt sluggish in my system (512mb of ram and 1.6ghz of cpu, with composite turned off), so KDE 4 is still eating more resources than KDE3. I hope that when it hits testing this is no longer true, and I can use it in my old laptop, hopefully, even with composite turned on :). KDE 4 is a huge improvement over 3, when it’s completely finished (there’s still a lot of stuff to do)