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n810 && usbhost

easy. + + random usb thingie + n810 == success.

Playing with gnash

Recently, a new version of Gnash was uploaded to Debian by Miriam Ruiz. The most important thing in the changelog from my point of view is the following: Using KDE4 instead of KDE3 So I kind of had to test

This time of year again

/me++ Or in a bit longer words, today is my birthday and I got a nice present from Debian – a release sent from Samoa. For all the KDE/Debian users, this is also the beginning of something special: Pushing KDE4

Is something wrong with KDE patch backport policies?

Or Is distro’s backporting of features a good thing or Distro A is much better than Distro B because of the cool features So. Advantages when backporting features Your distro is part of the “cool ones” amongst the users Disadvantages:

Skolelinux/Debian-edu gathering infiltrated by Gnash people

Gathering I spent this weekend at a Skolelinux/Debian-edu gathering in Oslo. 8.5 hours by bus each way. I got to meet some of the people shipping a customized Debian for schools. As it was a gathering related to educational software,

maemo + packaging + kde4

maemo sdk seems to come with a cdbs, debhelper and dpkg-dev too old to make it easy to build several debian unstable packages like kde4. maemo seems to come with glibc2.5 and debian/armel kde4 packages depends on 2.7 or greater.

kde / java / packaging

The following is not a joke: KDE4 needs java for best performance more precise, soprano, used by nepomuk (semantic desktop thingie), has a sesame backend (java) and a redland backend (c++). According to upstream and others, the sesame backend is

What I done this weekend …

Updated the debian packaging and debian patches of KDE4 to the 4.0.84 tarballs Pushed kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdebase-runtime and kdebase-workspace 4.0.84 to experimental Prepared the rest of the packages ready to be pushed to experimental when the auto-builders have built this

reply to reply to KDE 4.1 experience

Fathi blogged a reply to Peter in where he kind of “tagged” me to also reply. So I will. you can’t configure size and appearance of the panel. This is a long-standing problem, but I thought it was fixed. You

playing with plasma

Now that kde4.1 is beginning to really take shape, I have also upgraded all my computers to kde4. Bye bye kde3. I can’t live without a few kde3 apps though, particularily amarok. But my amarok usage was mostly controlled by