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The Debian-KDE specific things II

I wrote a bit ago a blog post about what debian kde is missing of distribution specific things Some of the more important things includes: A Qt based debian installer Tools to manage 3rd party modules and firmware and such

The Debian-KDE specific things ?

So. I was wondering, which nice distro specific tools do exist in debian/gnome or in $other/kde that debian/kde is missing? We have kalternatives for managing alternatives, we have a update notifier frontend in progress and after google summer of code,

Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers bugs

A while ago, something happened to the bugs reported against KDE in debian. It is best illustrated like this: I’ve chosen to name it Eckhart slope. Thanks. For full graphs, see

A Qt frontend to aptitude as a GSoC project?

I’m currently trying to convince (and hopefully succeeding) Daniel Burrows to co-mentor a Qt frontend for aptitude. But for that a student is needed. for first draft of project. for information about GSoC and debian and #debian-soc on

for my irc fans

-!- You’re now known as svuorela


I dag stod jeg tidligt op, satte Rotator på og ventede på at klokken blev 9. Klokken 9.01 var der udsolgt uden billet til mig :/

Matthew Rosewarne

Over the last months, I have been asking people in KDE irc channels and in Debian KDE channels wether they have heard from Matthew Rosewarne, on irc known as Mukidohime. No one had. Very recently, I uploaded one of his

kde4.3 rc2

Most of it now available in a debian/experimental near you. Special thanks to George Kiagiadakis for doing much of the hard work. Also thanks to Martin Alfke. I do now also claim that we have the best packaged and best


So. Now I’m almost prepared for linuxtag Location: Berlin – check Found a couch – check (thanks andreas) Ticket – check put in the debian booth schedule – check Seen the venue – missing That’s for tomorrow. see you there

Debian/KDE status

So. Finally, we got KDE 4 series in Debian/Testing, more accurate, KDE4.2.2. Thanks to the rest of the Debian/KDE team for working on this, including sitting on their hands when wanting to fix bugs, and a special thanks to the