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for my irc fans

-!- You’re now known as svuorela


I dag stod jeg tidligt op, satte Rotator på og ventede på at klokken blev 9. Klokken 9.01 var der udsolgt uden billet til mig :/

Matthew Rosewarne

Over the last months, I have been asking people in KDE irc channels and in Debian KDE channels wether they have heard from Matthew Rosewarne, on irc known as Mukidohime. No one had. Very recently, I uploaded one of his

kde4.3 rc2

Most of it now available in a debian/experimental near you. Special thanks to George Kiagiadakis for doing much of the hard work. Also thanks to Martin Alfke. I do now also claim that we have the best packaged and best


So. Now I’m almost prepared for linuxtag Location: Berlin – check Found a couch – check (thanks andreas) Ticket – check put in the debian booth schedule – check Seen the venue – missing That’s for tomorrow. see you there

Debian/KDE status

So. Finally, we got KDE 4 series in Debian/Testing, more accurate, KDE4.2.2. Thanks to the rest of the Debian/KDE team for working on this, including sitting on their hands when wanting to fix bugs, and a special thanks to the

Debian KDE bugs

So. On Sunday, we worked through some of the bugs filed against KDE in Debian. Mostly, we cleaned up in old cruft, and a few bugs got forwarded. A bunch of the Debian KDE people participated, and some KDE Bugsquad

playing with debian kde bugs – anyone up for it ?

This sunday, the 19th of april, at 11 CEST, I will start work my way thru many open filed against KDE in the Debian Bug Tracking System that really belongs at – or just doesn’t apply anymore. Feel free

Missing phone backup plan

My mobile phone recently stopped working, I handed it in for repair under warrenty. They fixed it, and flashed it with new firmware, removing all my settings and most importantly, my phone book. So, dear all of you, please send

Good stuff comes …

KDE4 is now finally fully in Debian unstable, including the fabulous settings migration tool known as Kaboom. (At least for amd64 and i386 – the rest follows when the autobuilders catches up, S390 is taking the lead) Celebrate.